Life @ Soham

Not A Corporate Team But A “parivaar”

The strongest pillar of “Soham” is its employee. By maintaining a high retention ratio, they work collaboratively as a family “Parivar”, undermining a strict corporate culture.“Soham” takes care of 360-degree upliftment of an employee. Other than their earned income, Soham also takes care of their Accidental Insurance, Medical Insurance, Life Insurance and stand with them in any case of social emergency.

“Soham” takes care of 360-degree upliftment of the employee. They arrange regular knowledge sessions every Saturday to update their knowledge and groom them with the latest in the market. The company also encourage its employees to visit IT events and knowledge sharing seminars. Further to increase their focus and spiritual upliftment, the company starts its day by chanting a prayer.

To maintain enthusiasm in the family, the company arranges picnic and movie/drama shows periodically for the employees and their family members. They also sponsor a vacation to the selected family every year in a fivestar resort.

Team Watching Chandrayna Launch

Family Gathering

Team Session

Team Session

Picnic Event

Dancing Event in Office


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