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Employee Benefits @ Soham

Holistic Employee Care

We prioritizes employees’ well-being, offering 360-degree upliftment beyond just salaries. From insurance coverage to knowledge sessions and spiritual upliftment, we nurture a collaborative and familial work culture.

Beyond the Paycheck

Explore the extensive benefits at Soham, where employee care goes beyond earnings. Our package includes Accidental Insurance, Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, and support during social emergencies, ensuring a secure and holistic professional journey.

Empowering Through Knowledge and Connection

We organizes regular knowledge sessions, encourages attendance at IT events, and starts each day with a prayer for focus and spiritual upliftment, fostering a culture of learning and connection.

Fostering Family Bonds

We view our team as a family, or “Parivar.” We organize picnics, movie/drama shows, and sponsor luxury vacations for selected families annually. Experience the joy of working together in a supportive and enriching environment.

Where Work Feels Like Home

Join Soham, where we prioritize a family-like work atmosphere. With a high employee retention ratio and a commitment to a collaborative culture, we ensure that every individual feels valued and supported throughout their professional journey.

Soham's Annual Retreat

As a token of gratitude, Soham sponsors an annual vacation to a five-star resort for a selected family. Our commitment to employee well-being extends beyond the workplace, creating memorable experiences for those who make Soham a success.

Open positions

a) Oracle – Apex developers (Freshers/ Experienced).
b) General Manager.
c) Angulas TS (Freshers/ Experienced)
d) Customer Support Executive (Males Only)

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